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Holidays in Croatia

Croatia Holidays

Croatia is one of the European countries that are widely known for its tourism and outstanding vistas. Few locations can rival the beauty offered by this place, and the great thing about it is that Croatia is full of places to see and locations to visit whenever you want.

In addition to the many historical sights and the idyllic coastal towns, which convey a flair of medieval beauty, the Croatian beaches are, above all, a real holiday highlight. Along the long coast, you will find endless sandy and pebbly beaches, as well as secluded rocky bays. There you can enjoy the purity of the deep blue Adriatic Sea and the sparkling water.

The long coast of Croatia can be divided into three regions. Beginning with the peninsula of Istria in the north over the adjoining Kvarner Bay Croatia ends in the south of Dalmatia near Dubrovnik, on the border with Montenegro. But also the continental part of the country offers interesting possibilities for a holiday. So, if you always wanted to visit this part of Europe and want to go in a mesmerizing, outstanding place, this is the right location to check out.

Great weather and easy communication


The weather here is very well most of the time. You rarely have to deal with rains, which is amazing. Also, English is the second language here, so lots of people will be able to interact with you. That means there will not be any major problems.

Along the Adriatic coast in Croatia, there is a mild Mediterranean climate. In summer, the weather is mainly beautiful, with average daytime temperatures around 30 degrees. The winters are mild on the coast with daytime temperatures between 4 and 12 degrees. The sea temperature is highest in August and can be as high as 28 degrees, and in winter the water temperature does not drop below 10 degrees.

Such a weather allows a pleasant holiday on the Croatian coast all year round. However, most tourists arrive in July and August when the summer reaches its peak and the weather in Croatia is stable. But you can also enjoy the sea in June and September because at this time the air and water temperatures are very pleasant, and there are no many tourists.

Outstanding countryside

Croatia Countryside

A lot of people like the Croatian countryside, because it’s full of beautiful locations. You may even find a place to accommodate there. Plus, the rural landscape is beautiful too, and there are some historic locations to explore too. Yes, Croatia has lots of historical and cultural locations to explore.

A trip to Split, one of the most beautiful cities in the country, can not be missed in your holiday to Croatia. The hanger is the Diocletian's Palace. This ancient building complex has served as an inhabited fortress in the past.

How versatile and beautiful Croatia is, you will also notice on your trip to Dubrovnik. Lovingly, this city is known as the "Pearl of the Adriatic" thanks to its dream beaches. The city wall in Dubrovnik stretches over 1,950 meters and is walkable, the Sponza Palace and the Cathedral of the Ascension of the Virgin are further graces.

A focus on safety

Safety in Croatia

Croatia is one of the safest countries in Europe. The government was focused on investing in a variety of safety options, so locals and tourists won’t have to worry too much about any possible safety issues. This is very important, and it shows you the true value and quality you can acquire here.

The Croats are generally honest people who live mainly from tourism and want to make your stay as pleasant and safe as possible, but as in every country, there are some black sheep. However, you should not leave anything in the car, in the hotel room, in the apartment or on the beach. If possible, you should store valuables in a safe.

For all those who want to be safe, it is advisable to take a travel luggage insurance with one of the insurance companies. Nevertheless, you should store your valuables as securely as possible, because the insurance companies do not take the damage in case of gross negligence.

World heritage wonders


You will find a wide array of UNESCO world heritage sites here, so it’s a very good idea to visit Croatia now and explore all those amazing wonders. The national parks, in particular, are amazing, which is something you will enjoy a lot!

The city of Split with its historical old town and the Diocletian Palace is one of the cultural highlights in Dalmatia. The earliest testimony of this is the palace built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian, which was built in the 13th century and is today a world cultural heritage.

The city of Trogir, only about 30 kilometers from the well-known harbor town of Split, impresses with the incomparable mixture of historical ambience and tourist attraction. The main attractions of the city include St. Laurentius Cathedral and the powerful Kamerlengo harbor fortifications of the Venetians.

The Plitvice Lakes National Park, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979, is the main attraction of the 16 lakes connected by waterfalls, overflows and caves. Plitvice Lakes National Park is located in the karst region, and is the destination of around one million visitors each year, which, however, have to adhere strictly to the protection of the park.

The largest city of the peninsula of Istria, Pula offers cultural and historical events of the very special kind, the "Pula Arena" amphitheater, only remaining Roman amphitheatre, which opens its doors several times a year for extravagant open-air events in a historic setting.

The impressive old town of Dubrovnik with its almost 2000-meter-long city wall now belongs to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and was used as a location for the successful series "Game of Thrones".

Another special feature of your holiday in Croatia and on your historic discovery trip is the Starine in Solin. The vast excavation sites enrich the region near Split. At this place you will find a gigantic amphitheater where once up to 3,000 spectators could be found.

Great for hiking and sailing

Sailing Holidays

There are lots of ports in Croatia, so this is the perfect destination for those that love sailing. There are lots of incredible locations suitable for sailing in the entire world, but the reality is that Croatia is by far some of the most impressive ones on the market. With clear waters, sandy beaches and outstanding coastal towns, Croatia brings you the best sailing holiday out there.

That being said, you will also find Croatia great for hiking and cycling, as there are many popular trails that locals and tourists alike enjoy quite a bit. Hikers can explore the Velebit Mountain or visit the Paklenica National Park. There you can walk and observe the interesting flora and fauna. In the national park, there are also some challenging climbing routes for sports climbers. At the end of the day, you will have plenty of active fun with other sports too, such as diving, climbing and paddle boarding or kayaking.

Lots of islands

Croatian islands

If you enjoy the idea of exploring new locations, then Croatia will be amazing for you. It has lots of islands that are away from the busy city life and that on its own is nothing short of interesting, to be honest. The value is incredible, and that’s what manages to take things to new heights all the time.

For many people, the Dalmatian islands are the first choice for holidays in Croatia. These islands are stretched between Split in the north and Dubrovnik in the south and inspire each in their own way. Hvar is known for its delicious wines such as the Zlatan Plavac and for its lavender fields.

The neighboring island of Korčula boasts the birthplace of the great Asian traveler Marco Polo, but its authenticity is controversial. Worth a visit is also Korcula town because of the St. Mark's cathedral with a magnificent altarpiece by Jacopo Tintoretto.

The island of Lošinj offers a special attraction for children. There you can find interesting facts about these intelligent animals in the dolphin center. Boat trips to the island of Pag, the southernmost island of the Kvarner bay, is always a very special experience for a family holiday in Croatia. Regular ships and fast-ferries run regularly to the islands.

Great food and friendly people

Gastronomy in Croatia

The food here is amazing and worth a shot. Also, the nightlife in Croatia is pretty intense, if you are into that. The people here are friendly too, which makes it even more interesting to visit Croatia right away.

If you enjoy the idea of visiting Croatia, all you have to do is to visit contact us bellow. We will find you great place where you can spend unforgettable holidays in Croatia. Just consider giving these a shot right away, and you will be very impressed with the outcome !

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